Supporting Heritage Perth

In a very short space of time, Heritage Perth has made a huge impact on the way people perceive the value of Perth’s superb treasury of heritage places. Working in partnership with key organisations, Heritage Perth has already carved a unique niche in the heritage market within the city, complimenting the activities of others with accessible methods of communicating important messages about heritage.

Through its innovative projects and high media profile, Heritage Perth has significantly increasing public awareness of the importance of heritage. This heightened awareness is demonstrated by significant increase in enquiries the City of Perth receives for its various heritage incentives and the number of people attending heritage events – Heritage Perth’s first Heritage Day attracted an estimated audience of over 6,000 people.

Help us promote community spirit and foster a celebration of our heritage that inspires a strong cultural identity for the people that live, work, play and visit Perth by becoming a supporter. You can help to ensure a ‘future for our past’ by supporting Heritage Perth and getting involved with an organisation the does for Perth’s heritage what others just talk about doing.

To find our more, download a copy of our case for support document, ‘A Future for our Past’ by clicking here [PDF 1.82 MB]