More Information

The following books are available from the local studies section of the City of Perth Library:

  • 100 Years A History of the Perth Town Hall by Delys Phelps 1970
  • The People of Perth by CT Stannage 1979
  • Central Government Precinct Perth Conservation Plan Vol 1 by Hocking Lovell & Associates 1995
  • Perth Town Hall Feasibility Study 6.96 by Forbes Fitzhardinge & Woodland, and Allom, Lovell and Hocking 1996
  • Perth Town Hall Conservation Management Plan 6.96 by Forbes Fitzhardinge & Woodland, Allom, Lovell & Hocking 1996
  • Perth Town Hall Safety Audit prepared by Allom, Lovell & Hocking 1997.
  • Perth Town Hall Archival Record prepared by Hocking Planning & Architecture October 2000

 Town Hall Reflection