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Heritage Perth

School & Family Learning Development Programme

2017-2018 Guidelines



This document explains the purpose and process of applying for a Heritage Perth Learning Development Programme (LDP) Grant.


Heritage Perth is seeking applications from heritage organisations within the City of Perth boundary to apply for funding of up to $3000 each (inc GST) to develop a bespoke school or family learning programme, event or activity.  The Learning Development Programme must be developed to completion and acquitted within the financial year July 2017 to June 2018.

Heritage Perth supports not-for-profit and community heritage places within the boundary of the City of Perth to undertake learning programmes.  The grant can be used to acquire resources and/or skills to meet the challenges and demands of creating or expanding what is offered to school and/or family audiences.

Eligible heritage organisations can include:

  • heritage collections
  • heritage buildings
  • community organisations
  • environmental heritage (eg parks and gardens)
  • intangible heritage

The LDP will offer advice and support:

  • from museum and heritage specialists at Heritage Perth
  • from education and family learning specialists
  • to enable programme development
  • to deliver a sustainable school curriculum related or family programme
  • to organise pilot activities, events and interpretation for a school or family audience
  • for marketing & media
  • for training staff and/or volunteers to deliver the programme
  • for networking opportunities
  • for best practice case studies

If your application is successful, your organisation will be required to:

  • supply staff and/or volunteer time to oversee the development and delivery of the programme
  • submit a copy of each organisation’s Certificate of Insurance
  • share the outcomes with others as appropriate
  • evaluate your programme acquit your grant using Heritage Perth LDP Evaluation and Acquittal forms by June 2018
  • display Heritage Perth log on all advertising, digital and printed materials, and acknowledge that ‘This Learning Development Programme has been supported by Heritage Perth, using public funding from the City of Perth’
  • link or share the resources and event information created with Heritage Perth for inclusion on its website.

The lead heritage organisation applying for the LDP must be a not-for-profit or community run organisation within the City of Perth boundary.

Partners can include non-museums (for example schools, charitable, cultural or heritage organisations and community groups).  Partners do not have to be within the City of Perth boundary.


Applications from the following will not be considered:26 Ma

  • heritage organisations/sites or partners run by a commercial company
  • heritage organisations/sites outside the City of Perth boundary.
How to Apply
  • Discuss your application with Joy Lefroy, Learning and Engagement Consultant, Heritage Perth.  Email joy@heritageperth.com.au to book an appointment
  • Application forms can be downloaded here:  LDP Application Form
  • Ensure you have completed all sections of the Application Form with as much detail as requested
  • Application forms must be supported and signed by the lead organisation’s contact and Chairperson or Director and the Chairperson or Director of any partner organisations.
  • A copy of each organisation’s Certificate of Insurance must be provided with the application
  • Application forms must be submitted to Heritage Perth:
    • by email joy@heritageperth.com.au
    • by post Heritage Perth, PO Box Z5077, St Georges Tce, Perth WA 6000
    • by hand to Heritage Perth, Council House, 27 St Georges Tce, Perth.
  • Applications must be received by no later than 5pm on Friday 26 May 2017 (please take this into consideration if you plan to post your application).
What is Heritage Perth looking for?

When assessing applications, Heritage Perth will look for the following:

  • Does this activity/event address an important challenge for the heritage organisation/site?
  • Is there a clear link between the proposed activity/event and the organisation/site’s priorities?
  • Would supporting this activity/event contribute to one or more of Heritage Perth’s key themes of supporting School and Family Learning programmes?
  • Does the activity create, develop or utilise opportunities for sharing, collaboration and networking?
  • Will the project be completed by June 2018?
  • What will be the lasting benefits
What’s next?
  • All applications will be acknowledged
  • Applications will be assessed by the Heritage Perth team
  • Applicants will be advised of the outcome within a month of the closing date
  • Successful organisations/sites will be required to enter into a Project Partnership Agreement with Heritage Perth.  General project expectations and any special conditions will be set out in this document.
  • The Project Partnership Agreement must be completed and returned to Heritage Perth by the specified date
  • Feedback will be available to unsuccessful applicants
  • Successful applicants may be asked to share their learning with colleagues through Heritage Perth by giving a presentation at a networking event.
For clarification, or further information, please contact Heritage Perth on 94613332 or joy@heritageperth.com.au