Valuing the Priceless

Valuing the Priceless: The Value of Historic Heritage in Australia
The Allen Consulting Group, 2005


Trinity ChurchThis report was commissioned by the Heritage Chairs and Officials of Australia and New Zealand to gauge community views on the value of heritage protection to the general population.

Most previous heritage research has tended to focus on the economic, rather than the cultural, value of heritage. An online survey of 2024 adult Australians was undertaken to identify people’s views on the value attached to heritage places and their protection.

The Report suggests that 93% of Australians see heritage as forming a vital part of the country’s identity. In addition, 62% of the people interviewed across Australia believe that too little is being done to support heritage conservation.


To download a copy of ‘Valuing the Priceless: The Value of Historic Heritage in Australia’, click here [PDF 1.8 MB]