Heritage is about the things from the past which
are valued enough today to save for tomorrow.

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Recent Heritage Acquisitions into the City of Perth Cultural Collections

31 March 2020

Showing the changing face of dining in the city, here are some of our recent acquisitions

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The Remittance Man Part Two: Lock, Stock and One Smoking Barrel

22 June 2018

After Cyril Gidley had beaten, raped and emotionally abused Audrey Jacob for nearly two years, she shot him through the…

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The Remitance Man Part One: The Silver Tongued Psychopath

15 June 2018

After he was disowned by his family, Cyril Gidley abandoned his first fiancé, stole her engagement ring, joined the crew…

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Hay Street Heist Part Two: Loose Lips Sink Ships

8 June 2018

Hay Street Heist Part Two: Loose Lips Sink Ships https://trove.nla.gov.au/newspaper/page/7372635?searchTerm=whitfield%20murder%20caris%20bros%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20%20&searchLimits=l-illustrated=true After the brutal murder of Edgar Arthur Whitfield at the…

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The Hay Street Heist Part One: The Killing of Edgar Arthur Whitfield

26 May 2018

Matthew Walsh, a twenty-three-year-old barman; Stanley Thomas Flynn, a twenty-year-old labourer; and ‘Brickey’ Cyril Brennan, a twenty-six-year-old electrician, would meet…

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