Heritage is about the things from the past which
are valued enough today to save for tomorrow.

Heritage Perth finds a new home

22 July 2019


26 June 2019


Heritage Perth finds a new home

 Following more than a decade as an independent, non-profit organisation Heritage Perth is finding a new home within the City of Perth.

Since the 1990s Heritage Perth has significantly raised awareness and promoted the intrinsic value of heritage places and buildings in Perth, and has been instrumental in developing a positive dialogue around the benefits of heritage conservation.

Heritage Perth board chair Paula Rogers said the strategic transition of Heritage Perth to the City of Perth will improve coordination and integration with the City’s existing initiatives and the delivery of heritage outcomes.

“With the development of the City’s first draft Heritage Strategy, the City of Perth has shown increased maturity, commitment and dedication in its approach to heritage conservation and it is now equipped to drive initiatives and continue to celebrate Perth’s heritage identity and culture,” Ms Rogers said.

“It’s been an honour to be associated with Heritage Perth and I am confident the City can continue delivering this important work now that heritage conservation and promotion is firmly embedded in its organisational strategies.”

City of Perth Deputy Chair Commissioner, Gaye McMath, paid tribute to Heritage Perth saying it worked hard to change a negative narrative into a high profile, positive story about the cultural and economic value of heritage today.

“The City warmly thanks Heritage Perth staff, its board, stakeholders and volunteers who have enabled heritage conservation and promotion to flourish,” Deputy Chair Commissioner McMath said.

“The City takes its responsibility for heritage conservation and promotion very seriously and as part of the transition, a Cultural Advisory Committee with a Cultural Heritage Subcommittee has been established.

“This will help guide the City’s heritage activities and decisions by consolidating professional expertise and stakeholder advice to ensure the City of Perth delivers on community expectations around heritage.

“The transition will also provide an added benefit to ratepayers by lowering the overhead costs associated with an independent organisation.

“The City is delighted to welcome Heritage Perth to a new home, where its reputation, cultural value and programs will continue to thrive and grow.”