Heritage is about the things from the past which
are valued enough today to save for tomorrow.

Recent Heritage Acquisitions into the City of Perth Cultural Collections

31 March 2020

Showing the changing face of dining in the city, here are some of our recent acquisitions

Main dining room, Esplanade Hotel

Esplanade Hotel menu

The Esplanade Hotel was one of Perth’s most desirable places to stay, with heads of state and movie stars among its guests between 1898 and its demolition in 1975.
Images donated by Bill Plowman who grew up at the Esplanade.

This ornate jug is part of a donation of silverware from the Club Hotel, built in the 1890s, and demolished for building of the Mitchell Freeway.
Donated by Mrs Marie Woodcock.

The iconic and unique shape of this final menu identifies it as an artefact from Fast Eddys, also remembered as the first 24 hour diner in Perth. Fast Eddy’s American style diner in Murray Street closed in 2019.
Image from the City of Perth Cultural Collections.