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Dig into an Archaeological Lunchtime Liaison with Richard Offen

“Conservation at Work”

25 May 12.30pm-1.30pm

City of Perth Library Auditorium, 573 Hay St


 When archaeology is mentioned, people immediately conjure up images of scenes from ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’, or episodes of the popular television series ‘Time Team’, with often eccentrically dressed people scrabbling around in the sand or soil to find long-lost artefacts. However, in reality, there is more to archaeology than artefacts found buried or hidden. Archaeology studies the impacts of people on world, which, through careful observation and recording of physical evidence both above and below ground, help us to piece together our history.

Building archaeology reconstructs the history of a building or ruin, using direct observations and measurements of the structure to create a building time-line, which supplements and verifies available documentary evidence. Such surveys are invaluable tool in the development of a conservation plan a building and its surroundings.

Attitudes to the conservation of heritage structures have changed dramatically over the last two hundred years.   Through this talk Richard Offen, Executive Director Heritage Perth, will chart the history of the care of historic buildings and show how archaeology now plays a vital part in ‘conservation at work’.

 As we celebrate National Archaeology Week, don’t miss this FREE ‘Lunchtime Liaison’ event, presented by Heritage Perth.

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